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Melanie C UK Tour Dates

With Melanie's album in stores in the UK today, we can now officially announce Melanie's first full concerts in 3 years in the UK:

Sunday December 4, O2 Academy 2, Liverpool
Friday December 9, Scala, London

Tickets go on general sale this Friday, however we have arranged a special pre-sale starting this Thursday morning for all of you who 'like' Melanie on Facebook. Make sure you stay tuned for more details!

Alongside these dates, details of a tour later this year in Germany will soon be announced as well.

Source : MelanieC.net
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Geri Love Heels & Victoria

Geri Halliwell says heels are a staple part of her look. The former Spice Girl is famed for her petite frame, and shows it off in a range of chic wardrobe choices.

The 5ft. 1in.star says heels are her secret weapon when it comes to dressing.

“Keeping your look simple and unfussy is what petite dressing is all about – that and heels!” she laughed in an interview with Closer magazine.

Geri is a big fan of Victoria Beckham‘s fashion designs. The pair were bandmates in the 90s, and Geri says the style icon was born to be in the fashion industry.

“I really admire Victoria Beckham – she’s amazing. She’s always loved fashion and it’s what she should be doing.

“I have one of her dresses – it fits perfectly.”

Source :Belfast Telegraph
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Hervé Léger is Heavenly

Geri Halliwell thinks Hervé Léger dresses are "heavenly".

The 39-year-old former Spice Girl is known for working hard on her physique, adhering to methods such Pilates to achieve an enviably toned body.

The stunning star loves wearing the popular figure-hugging Hervé Léger dress, because it shows off her curves to perfection.

Geri holds her designer dresses in high regard, and admits she's hoping to keep them aside for when her young daughter matures.

"Hervé Léger dresses are heavenly. They're designed with women's curves in mind. I'm keeping all mine for my daughter Bluebell," she said in an interview with Closer magazine.

Geri believes women should always dress to flatter their figures. The petite star recently launched a range of evening dresses for her Geri by Next line. The beauty designed the line with her customers in mind.

"It's a capsule collection of six affordable evening dresses I've designed to skim curves and be super flattering," she explained.

Source : Belfast Telegraph
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Mel B Deserves A Slap

The singer and former Neighbours star, who is a judge on the Australian version of The X Factor alongside Mel B, Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian, said that she hopes the former Spice Girl's comments were made in "fun".

Mel B admitted earlier this week that she had indeed said that she doesn't "care much for the other judges", then labelled Bassingthwaighte "dishonest", Keating as a know-it-all and Sebastian as "boring".

When asked about her co-judge's comments on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Bassingthwaighte said: "She's definitely said it. She said that I was too nice and dishonest, so I think by that she means because I am too nice I'm dishonest. She actually did, it's what she thinks. I think it's in fun, I hope so otherwise she deserves a slap!"

When she appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show earlier this week, Mel B also said: "I'm allowed to say what I want when I want... They're all scared of me and I love it, there's got to be one bitch on the show so I might as well take that bloody crown.

"You know what... they're all really nice, but you know life, we all have our flaws. I'm sure I've got many, but actually I do think I'm quite perfect on the panel. Everybody has their own little thing. I just happen to be the one that points it out."

Source : Digital Spy
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Mel C's Favorite Singers

From a great artist with a self-destructive streak that ultimately killed her at the age of 27, to a modern superstar who recently made the headlines with news of her pregnancy, here MEL C picks her most inspiring singers


Janis had one of the most distinctive voices ever. It sounded like it came from the very depths of her soul, and could go from a whisper to a raw rasp. She was a fantastic performer who really transformed on stage. She suffered from low self-esteem and was very insecure by all accounts, but she came alive for an audience, and having performed myself I can understand how music gave her the freedom to express herself and become someone else. I love Piece Of My Heart, her breakthrough single, and Cry Baby has such a raw quality. People always focus on her sandpaper vocal, but she could sing very softly and soulfully.


Adele has dominated this year with her album 21, and it’s wonderful to see a young British artist enjoy global success. The market is saturated with pop and sex right now, and to see an artist do well without any of that is so refreshing. She’s made it on talent alone, and for someone so young to express such depth of emotion is remarkable. Rolling In The Deep is an exceptional song and will become a staple. She sounds like she has lived so much, but sings effortlessly. And she’s so down to earth. She’s the polar opposite of an artist like Madonna: she doesn’t want a superstar image. I love that she rejected playing all the festivals because she wanted to spend summer with her mates. I wouldn’t have the courage to do that. She’ll be around for a long time.


You can’t have a list like this without Tina Turner. My mother sang in a tribute band called River Deep for a while, so I became incredibly familiar with her songs. Hers is an incredible story of female resilience, and to have a career for so long is inspirational. She’s exceptional in a way because her career really exploded when she was in her forties. She dominated the Eighties, and the album I always think of is Private Dancer with those fabulous legs on the cover and those massive singles. The one thing husband Ike did for her was to really push her voice and it went from strength to strength. It had such power and yet you could hear the pain, too. I saw her at Wembley in the late Nineties and the energy she demonstrated, strutting around the stage, was inspiring.

First and foremost Amy was a superb singer, with great timing, pitch and phrasing. Her style was rooted in jazz and soul, but she had a very contemporary way with a lyric. Because of the media attention these days, we’ve witnessed some of her sadder moments on stage, and that unfairly tarnishes someone who was a great performer. It’s incredibly sad to lose such a great artist. When you experience success quite early it can be a lot to deal with. You’re still finding out who you are as a person, and if you develop problems with drugs and drink it can become a downward spiral. As you get older you accept who you are, but I don’t think Amy had time to learn to cope.


I must confess I still haven’t seen Beyoncé live, which is a shame, but for me she’s the full package. She has a huge voice, a great set of songs, she looks great and she can really move. To sing and dance at the same time and do it in heels that big is awesome. She’s every inch the modern superstar and stands up next to any of the great soul singers of yesteryear. She can do soul, R&B and hip-hop and she’s always moving forward musically and prepared to push boundaries. It doesn’t hurt that her husband, rapper and actor Jay-Z, is so talented, either. That’s a real dream team.


My music taste came from going through my mum’s vinyl collection, which is where I discovered Dusty, the ‘White Queen of Soul’. She had a powerful soul voice for a Catholic girl from north London and didn’t have to resort to tricks or screaming. I can reel off my favourite songs, but Dusty In Memphis stands up as a great album. I’ve been lucky enough to sing I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself and I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten, but I can’t touch her. Sadly, she suffered problems with drink and drugs brought on by depression. The Pet Shop Boys helped revive her career and it was great that more people realised what an icon she was before she died.

Shirley seemed to be ever-present on TV variety shows when I was growing up and she left a huge impression on me. She’s almost impossible to compare to anyone else, with a powerful Welsh voice that can handle standards as well as pop hits, and she’s the ultimate Bond theme artist. You can’t think of her without hearing Goldfinger or Diamonds Are Forever. She is such a dramatic performer, too, with those big dresses and flourishing hand movements, and she really lives a song as she performs it. I was fortunate enough to share a bill with her at the concert for Mikhail Gorbachev at the Royal Albert Hall in March and she is one of those people you know has arrived the moment she enters the room. There’s a real aura about her. Shirley really walks the walk.

I first came across Annie when she was in the Eurythmics. I loved her voice and the androgynous image she projected in those great Eighties videos. She’s a really beautiful woman, but she possesses such a truly huge voice. I love white soul voices and hers is one of the best. She’s a very strong character and a good role model for young women, especially where the music industry is concerned. When the Spice Girls were looking for a new manager, we chose Simon Fuller because he looked after her. I thought, ‘If he’s good enough for Annie, he’s good enough for me.’ We ended up meeting her, and she gave me a lot of good advice in those early days.

I go way back with Madonna. I remember being embarrassed by the lyrics to Like A Virgin as a child, but I was secretly blown away. She’s the artist who made me want to be a pop star, and as a kid I learnt all the songs and routines. She’s a performer who really pushed the boundaries. People compare Lady Gaga to Madonna, but while I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga, Madonna did all the groundwork for artists like her. She’s completely in control of her career, has an amazing work ethic and pays real attention to every aspect of her image. Her videos have always been spectacular; her shows are massive events. I’ve seen her several times – the first was The Girlie Show in 1993. That was a really breathtaking show. If I had to pick one of her albums it would be Ray Of Light.


I absolutely loved Eye To The Telescope when it came out and played it non-stop. KT is a smart, funny and clever artist, a really talented songwriter who has music coming out of every pore and a wonderful sexy, husky voice. She’s one of the few performers in this list who can strap on a guitar and stand there alone on stage and hold an audience’s attention, and I have total respect for her because of that. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know her, and she’s great fun. I went to her birthday party a couple of years ago. She had a band and she was encouraging people to stand up and sing, but I didn’t have the bottle to get up there. I think I needed a bit of Dutch courage, but I was a new mum at the time and completely sober.

Mel C’s single ‘Think About It’ and album ‘The Sea’ are out tomorrow. melaniec.net

Source : Daily Mail
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'Viva Forever' Next Year

Sporty Spice, Melanie C has confirmed that the Spice Girls musical will open next year.

The singer said that the group hope to premiere the highly-anticipated musical, called Viva Forever, "towards the end of next year", and praised its "fantastic" producers Judy Kramer and Jennifer Saunders.

"It's sounding really exciting. There's lots of great Spice Girls songs in the show, lots of hits, some album tracks, so we're very excited," she told Digital Spy.

"Jennifer Saunders has written the story, who as everybody knows is hilarious and brilliant. We've known Jennifer for many years - she was in the Spice Girls movie!"

Asked if the musical could spark another Spice Girls reunion tour, she admitted: "Who knows, we don't plan to get together and perform again. I didn't think it would happen the first time."

Melanie C releases her new single 'Think About It' on September 4 and album The Sea a day later.

Source : Digital Spy
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